16U Berryman

Come be a part of a fundamentally based, growth and development focused team! Want a positive, caring environment for your player? Want an organization with their own indoor facility? Looking for a team who works on strength & conditioning? Come be a part of Hype Berryman!

Primarily ‘07 based, strong ‘08’s will be considered.


Hype Fastpitch have their OWN indoor facility. While other teams have to scramble for indoor space during the winter months Hype doesn’t have to worry! 

Don’t miss out on this great group of girls and families! Come see us at our next tryout!



**Please fill out a registration form before attending the first workout/tryout with the link below**

Saturday, December 3rd
Location: Whitney High School JV Softball Field (located off of Ranch View Dr.)
Time: 9am-10am Pitchers & Catchers; 9:30am-12:30pm Positional Players

Saturday, December 10th
Location: Whitney High School JV Softball Field (located off of Ranch View Dr.)
Time: 9am-10am Pitchers & Catchers; 9:30am-12:30pm Positional Players

Additional Dates will be added if needed. 

Hype practices at Whitney High School in Rocklin and at the Hype indoor facility in Roseville. 

For more information please contact:

Head Coach Andy Berryman

via cell phone @  916.607.7340 or by email at: 

#createthehype  #believethehype


Facebook: @hypeberryman16u
Instagram: #hypeberryman
YouTube Channel: Hype Fastpitch Berryman ’07
TikTok: @hypeberryman07


Head Coach: Andy Berryman

Coach Berryman has a extensive history with the game of softball! 
He has coached girls softball for 10 years, a combination of rec, allstars and 5 years of comp travel softball, as well as 3 years of youth baseball. 
He has also been an avid slow pitch softball player for 20 years! 
As head coach of Hype Berryman ‘07 he strongly emphasizes the importance of the FUNDAMENTALS of the game and preparing these young ladies for the next level of their travel ball careers. 
He consistently attends coaching clinics to improve his techniques and to understand the proper way to coach young ladies. His resume includes clinics with:

EAC Elite Athlete Consulting w/ Darin Delgado
NFCA 2019 in Portland, Oregon
NFCA 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee
Speed & Agility Certification (in progress) 

Coach Berryman coaches not for the wins, but for the future of these young female athletes and his love of the game.

Assistant Coach: Phillip Cantarinha

Coach Phil has played baseball most of his life; as a youth, through high school and up through college. 
He has been coaching girls softball for 6 years both comp travel softball and 8u rec. 
Coach Phil attends various college coaching clinics to learn the latest coaching methods and philosophies; always learning and improving to build these young female athletes into strong, confident women. His resume includes the following:

EAC Elite Athlete Consulting w/Darin Delgado
NFCA 2019 Coaches Clinic in Portland, Oregon 
NFCA 2020 Coaches Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee

Coach Phil’s primary philosophy is to build these young athletes’ confidence, their belief in themselves and to prepare them for the next level of their softball careers.

Assistant Coach/ College Liaison: Tim Cser

Coach Tim played baseball from an early age all the way into college at Cal Poly SLO.

Tim has coached Little League Baseball, Junior High Basketball, youth soccer and softball from his college years.

Coach Tim strives to get the most out of our players and works hard to ensure each girl meets their highest potential. His love of the sport and desire to see each player improve their skills is what drives Tim to coach.


Riley Berryman
Pos:Middle Infield/ Outfield
Other:GPA 3.05
Giana Passadore
Other:GPA 4.2
Krystyn Noble
Pos:C/ Utility
Other:GPA 3.5
Addie Susag
Pos:P/ 1B
Other:GPA 3.98
Lucia Cantarinha
Pos:Middle Infield/ Outfield
Other:GPA 4.375
Adi Johnson
Pos:1B/ Outfield
Other:GPA 3.6
Hayley Noble
Pos:P/ Utility
Other:GPA 2.85
Sara Hamilton
Pos:C/ Outfield
Other:GPA 3.6
Andi Corless
Pos:C/ Utility
Other:GPA 4.6
Mallory Giddens
Pos:Outfield/ 1B
Other:GPA 3.86
Izzy Fagundes
Other:GPA 3.35
Emily Cser
Pos:OF, P
Eliana Lee
Pos:P/ Outfield
Other:GPA 3.7